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PROi Force Learnings

Date : June 20

WhatsApp Community

1. You don't just need to learn Skills, you also need to know what you will do with those Skills, what value will you add to whom? And what do you want to Accomplish after learning those Skills? - These are very Powerful Questions for thinking Straight.

2. Choose your Path - Job, Freelance, Entrepreneur

3. Always try to Combine Skills are become a Unique/Rare person. This will Crush Competition and make you more Valuable.

4. Always have your Portfolio with you even if you have ZERO working experience. Stack your Practical Learnings there. Use a Saas. But do it.

5. Make your LinkedIn Well Built and Updated

6. If you are my Mentee, your Presentation must be Exceptional. Don't ever get casual consciously or unconsciously.

7. If what you are doing is of any worth to you, you must make money irrespective of what you think.

8. Those who have accomplished some things in some areas must clearly express that. Make it a habit.

9. For all the *SPECTATORS* if you are reading this... One word - PARTICIPATE. That's how we learn.

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